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Today I finished a pair of mittens for my baby niece. I’ve never made a clothing item before, but luckily I found a great FREE pattern that was easy to follow. I did make a few changes, but nothing really significant.

Instead of fastening off after the last row of the cuff, I just chained one, turned the cuff on its side and started the first row of the hand. I did 1 sc in the first stitch and the next stitch, then *2 sc in the following stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch*, repeating across and ending with 1 sc in each of the last 2 stitches, for a total of 27. I followed the pattern for the rest of the hand and thumb.

Then I measured my niece from wrist-to-wrist (or tried to, wiggly little worm), attached the yarn to one mitten on the thumb side with a single crochet, chained an appropriate amount, anchored the chain to the other mitten on the thumb side with a single crochet, single crocheted in the next stitch on the cuff, then single crocheted back across the chain (in the ‘spine’ on the back of the chain), and ended with a single crochet in the stitch next to the stitch I started my chain in.

Does that make sense? I’m not sure I explained it that well, lol.

I used an F hook and Caron Perfect Match in Orange, which is a REALLY bright orange. Like, safety-vest orange. Traffic-cone orange. They’ll definitely know which ones are E’s, is what I’m saying. The funny thing is, is that I showed E two skeins of yarn (she’s 10 months, btw), the orange and Monet by Red Heart, and she immediately reached for the bright orange. Sold!

Anyway, they're here on Ravelry, or click for pics )


Sep. 24th, 2012 03:45 pm
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My baby niece just puked on the blanket I'm currently working on. Now it smells, and I can't wash it so I rinsed it really well, sprayed it with Febreeze and laid it over the back deck railing. *fingers crossed*
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I have a friend back home who collects pigs, and has a pig-themed kitchen, so I've been planning on making her a little pig for a while now. Her birthday is next month, so I grabbed the free pig pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, pulled some yarn from the stash, and got to work.

On Ravelry or behind the cut )

One of the managers at work was excited when she found out that I crocheted. She said that she loved the look of crochet, and that she still had the crochet booties that relatives in the Dominican Republic had made for her sons. Then she said that her birthday and just passed, and I said that Christmas was coming up, too, lol. She likes natural shades of greens and browns, so I picked a nice combination (I think, anyway) and a nice pattern from Red Heart. She doesn't actually know that I'm making something for her, so it'll hopefully be a nice surprise.

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Forgot about these!

My niece is getting her teeth, so she's chewing on everything. I made her some soft chewtoys out of cotton yarn.

On Ravelry or behind the cut )

I also covered my earbuds in yarn, following this pattern. Someone at work saw my earbuds yesterday and asked if I could do that for her son's headphones!

On Ravelry or behind the cut )</cu

Baby Bag

Sep. 1st, 2012 10:02 am
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After my sister had her baby in January, she had a ton of crap she was hauling between her house and ours. She asked me to make a bag to hold everything so she only had to bring one bag. So I dug out some twin-sized flat sheets that weren't being used, did some measuring, and got to sewing.

Bag behind here )

Now that the baby's older, my sis doesn't need to carry as much crap (also, she left some stuff at our house so she wouldn't have to haul stuff between houses), but I'm sure the bag will get used again when the baby gets to be a kid.
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Shortly after my sis had her baby, we all (mom, dad, me, sis, and baby) went out to a home & garden show. My sister went to the bicycle shop beforehand and bought one of those orange safety flags that bike riders use, and put it on the stroller so we could find her when we all got separated from each other. Then we all started joking about how she should have different flags to fly, like the pirates used to, and well, next thing I knew she and I were at the fabric store buying fat quarters.

Hoist the colors! )


Jan. 5th, 2012 08:39 am
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I'm officially an aunt!!!!!! My little niece was born last night at 11pm by c-section. 7lbs 1oz. We're going to see her and my sis and bil at the hospital this morning. They named her Evelyn Beatrice. Beatrice was our late grandmother's name. My sister said she didn't care about the first name, as long as the middle name was Beatrice. I can't wait to meet her!!
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My sis is pregnant with her first baby - a girl! - so I've been working on a few baby projects for her.

The first is a little blanket for the carseat. It's small enough not to drag on the ground, but hopefully big enough to cover the little one. I ran out of one of the colors I was working with, so couldn't make it as big as I wanted, but I think it'll be okay. It's 24 inches wide and 19 inches long. The colors are a match the colors of the stroller/carseat combo she got from our cousin.

Blankie )

She had seen a toy carrot in the most recent Ikea catalog, and was expecting it to be a rattle. But when we got to the store it was a squeak toy, and since she has a dog, a squeak toy is not an option for the baby. She was so disappointed that I had to make her a carrot rattle. I used the pattern off the Lion Brand website, but used a smaller hook size and changed the leaves a bit. I also bought a cheap (99 cents) plush rattle and ripped it open for the rattle part. Then I replaced the rattle with a squeaker and gave it to Dixie, lol.

Rattle )

Next up is an elephant mobile.


May. 17th, 2011 03:25 pm
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Also, I don't have a sqee-ful enough icon for this!!!!!


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