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A few days ago I found a small Yankee Candle jarred candle in the attic. It had accidentally ended up in a box with other things, laying on its side. Well, we had a really hot summer in NC, and that candle was all kinds of melted and rehardened (from the recent cool temps) and deformed. Totally unburnable. Which sucked because it was almost a full candle when we moved.

So I started to think about if/how I could salvage it. Did some googling, and found out how to melt the wax and save the jar at the same time. I had some small, silicone cupcake liners that I wasn't using anymore, and decided to make little tarts for the candle warmer we have.

Pics of the process and result )

I have plans for the jar, too, but that's for another post.
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I have a friend back home who collects pigs, and has a pig-themed kitchen, so I've been planning on making her a little pig for a while now. Her birthday is next month, so I grabbed the free pig pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, pulled some yarn from the stash, and got to work.

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One of the managers at work was excited when she found out that I crocheted. She said that she loved the look of crochet, and that she still had the crochet booties that relatives in the Dominican Republic had made for her sons. Then she said that her birthday and just passed, and I said that Christmas was coming up, too, lol. She likes natural shades of greens and browns, so I picked a nice combination (I think, anyway) and a nice pattern from Red Heart. She doesn't actually know that I'm making something for her, so it'll hopefully be a nice surprise.

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Forgot about these!

My niece is getting her teeth, so she's chewing on everything. I made her some soft chewtoys out of cotton yarn.

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I also covered my earbuds in yarn, following this pattern. Someone at work saw my earbuds yesterday and asked if I could do that for her son's headphones!

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Sep. 8th, 2012 06:36 pm
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Crocheting a bracelet using crochet thread, beads, and a teeny hook. Had to take off my glasses in order to see the stitches. I'm old. :(

Baby Bag

Sep. 1st, 2012 10:02 am
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After my sister had her baby in January, she had a ton of crap she was hauling between her house and ours. She asked me to make a bag to hold everything so she only had to bring one bag. So I dug out some twin-sized flat sheets that weren't being used, did some measuring, and got to sewing.

Bag behind here )

Now that the baby's older, my sis doesn't need to carry as much crap (also, she left some stuff at our house so she wouldn't have to haul stuff between houses), but I'm sure the bag will get used again when the baby gets to be a kid.
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Shortly after my sis had her baby, we all (mom, dad, me, sis, and baby) went out to a home & garden show. My sister went to the bicycle shop beforehand and bought one of those orange safety flags that bike riders use, and put it on the stroller so we could find her when we all got separated from each other. Then we all started joking about how she should have different flags to fly, like the pirates used to, and well, next thing I knew she and I were at the fabric store buying fat quarters.

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I finally got around to doing some decorating in the new house. I decided to start with the bathroom, since it's small and doesn't need a) bookcases (my sitting room) or b) an upgraded bed (twin to full in my bedroom). A while ago I bought a colorful shower curtain, curtain rings, and over-door hook all on clearance at work and then packed them away, because I shared a bathroom with my dad. Now I have my own bathroom!

The shower curtain, rings, and hook have been up since we moved in, but I just recently decided to start adding more color to the room.

I remembered seeing, on some HGTV show or maybe in a magazine, about taking pieces of fabric and framing them as art. So I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of cheap frames all in black. Then I hit the fabric store and bought fat quarters in colors that matched my shower curtain. I took the glass panes out of the frames, cut the fabric slightly bigger than the glass, wrapped it around the panes, taped it in place, and put it back into the frames.

Voila! )

I plan on painting one of the walls the same pale pink that's in the shower curtain, and I have some pictures from my trip to Paris that I'm going to hang in here as well.
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My parents left for Mackinac Island this morning, YAY, so I have the house to myself for the next 6 days!

Since I was out late last night and didn't get to bed until 1:00 this morning and it's a gloomy rainy day, I decided that today will be a Craft Day, where I laze about and work on crocheting, and cross-stitching, and maybe sewing - if I can muster up the energy to drag the sewing machine out of the closet and into the kitchen. And cutting fabric is too much like work, so, maybe not with the sewing. But definitely with the crocheting and cross-stitching! Oh! And maybe with the fic-making, because writing is a craft, right? And I have been wanting to get my hands back in it.


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