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Okay, I realized after my last post, that I'd never actually made a post about my holiday/season bunting project. Oops. So.

I decided to make a bunting for each month/holiday/season, because reasons. The first one I made was snowflakes for January. Details (with pattern names) on my Ravelry page, and pics behind the cut )

Then for February I did a heart bunting, but made it black like my soul. :)
I used this pattern, and Red Heart in black. Here, on Ravelry, or behind the cut )

Next up, Easter eggs.
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I finished another holiday bunting! This one is for March and St. Patrick's Day. I followed this pattern, and used Caron Perfect Match in evergreen.

On Ravelry, here.

Or behind the cut )

After they were finished I steam blocked them to stop them from curling up, and it worked pretty well! They look really nice after blocking.
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I finished my project for [community profile] imadeathing! Last night, actually, and the deadline is today so, just made it.

I picked the prompt Supernatural, Salt. For those that aren't familiar with the show, the main characters use shotgun shells filled with rock salt to disperse ghosts. Almost immediately I could picture this scarf in my head; I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, and couldn't wait to get started on it. I used Red Heart yarn, beads, and felt, and made the pattern up as I went along. Though, in all honesty, it's a pretty easy pattern to figure. :)

The most time-consuming part was hand-sewing all the beads to the finished piece.

Pictures and details )

I'm not sure what I'll do with it, since we don't need scarves down here in NC, but it was really fun to make. I enjoyed coming up with the concept, and figuring out how to make it work, and seeing it take shape the way I wanted it to. It really got me interested in creating my own patterns!
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I have been seduced by tumblr and left my poor LJ and DW to rot. :(
So have all the projects that I've recently finished and posted over there, but not here. With links to Ravelry and patterns and lots of pictures.

So, first up - Christmas presents.

First is a throw that I made for one of the area managers at work, because when she found out that I crocheted she hinted not too subtley that she'd love to get something. Because I like her (and it was still, like, June) she got a blanket. I followed this pattern on the Red Heart website, and I absolutely recommend it. So simple and easy, yet different from your average ripple. 53in x 43in.

Ravelry or behind the cut )

And another throw that I made for another area manager at work, because he's such a nice guy and so laid back and working with hims is a real treat. I used this pattern which, while it looks great and is pretty simple, holy fuck leaves a shit ton of ends to weave in. And I only used three colors. 36in x 45.25in

Ravelry or behind the cut )

Then I made a mug cozy for the store admin, because she's so nice and has to put up with all kinds of bullshit. The pattern is super easy and quick, and looks great. I did make a few changes - I added one more row because when I tested it out on a mug it only came up about halfway, and then I chained more stitches for the loop because the fourteen in the pattern just wasn't going to work.

Ravelry or behind the cut )

And then, because I was making something for three people in the office, I had to go ahead and make something for the rest of them. So for the store manager and the other area managers I made beverage/coffee sleeves, because it's a super-duper easy pattern and I knew I could whip them up in an evening and use up a bit of my stash at the same time.

Ravelry of behind the cut )

For my niece, my sister picked out this pattern on the Lion Brand website. Again, I ended up changing it around a bit, mainly not doing a frog post and making the post a little shorter and narrower at the top. The best part is that I had all the yarn in my stash and didn't have to buy any! I did add one of those round plastic cross-stitch discs to bottom for a flatter base, and sewed a little pouch of poly pellets to add some weight to the base.

Ravelry or behind the cut )

That's it for gifts! Everyone loved them and I got a lot of compliments and gushing thank yous, which is always nice.

There are a few more projects for me, but I'll put those in another post.
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I decided to make a dog blanket for one of the managers at work, because he's such a nice guy and working with him is stress-free and laid back. It's supposed to be a Christmas present, so all other projects have been put on hold until it's done. I followed the Scrappy Steps Afghan pattern, but only used three colors. It looks great, and I'm very happy with it, but the nature of the pattern means that there are a shit-ton of ends to weave in. Normally, I weave the ends in as I go along so that there isn't a lot of weaving in at the end. This time though, I ended up restarting the blanket a few times to fix/change a few things, so I decided to leave the weaving in for later. Regretting that now, ugh.

The Supernatural scarf is on hold because of the dog blanket, but there's really not too much more that needs to be done. I might pull it out and play around with it today for a little bit, give myself a break from weaving in ends, lol.

I also joined a crochet pen-pals thing on tumblr. We crochet a little something every month and mail it out, and every month has a theme. Like I don't have enough to do, lol. January's theme (which has to be mailed by the beginning of the month) is 'winter', so I'm doing a snowflake jar. Well, planning on doing, I haven't actually started it yet. But I have a plan, and supplies, so that's half the battle, right?

So, I have all that going on right now, and work, and the holidays, and what have I been spending my nights doing? Making snowflakes out of cotton yarn for a garland for my front room. Yep. Because I have to have one, because we don't really get snow down here and it's December and I miss the cold and snow from up north. Not that we ever got any real snow until January, but still. It's been in the upper 60's the past few days. I've gone out without a coat! In December! That's just wrong.
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I finished part of my project for [community profile] imadeathing.

Can you tell what they're supposed to be?

Now to get started on the next part!
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Today I finished a pair of mittens for my baby niece. I’ve never made a clothing item before, but luckily I found a great FREE pattern that was easy to follow. I did make a few changes, but nothing really significant.

Instead of fastening off after the last row of the cuff, I just chained one, turned the cuff on its side and started the first row of the hand. I did 1 sc in the first stitch and the next stitch, then *2 sc in the following stitch, 1 sc in the next stitch*, repeating across and ending with 1 sc in each of the last 2 stitches, for a total of 27. I followed the pattern for the rest of the hand and thumb.

Then I measured my niece from wrist-to-wrist (or tried to, wiggly little worm), attached the yarn to one mitten on the thumb side with a single crochet, chained an appropriate amount, anchored the chain to the other mitten on the thumb side with a single crochet, single crocheted in the next stitch on the cuff, then single crocheted back across the chain (in the ‘spine’ on the back of the chain), and ended with a single crochet in the stitch next to the stitch I started my chain in.

Does that make sense? I’m not sure I explained it that well, lol.

I used an F hook and Caron Perfect Match in Orange, which is a REALLY bright orange. Like, safety-vest orange. Traffic-cone orange. They’ll definitely know which ones are E’s, is what I’m saying. The funny thing is, is that I showed E two skeins of yarn (she’s 10 months, btw), the orange and Monet by Red Heart, and she immediately reached for the bright orange. Sold!

Anyway, they're here on Ravelry, or click for pics )
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It's almost the end of October and I'm sitting outside in shorts working on my Supernatural scarf for [community profile] imadeathing. Not a bad day. :)
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I bought supplies yesterday for my I Made a Thing project.

Public post on Ravelry here.

I only need a little of the gold and red, but unfortunately you can't get yarn cut like you can fabric, so I had to buy the whole big skein. I started working on it yesterday, and it looks okay, but I’m not entirely sold on it right now. I think I have to work it a bit more to see if how I’m doing it is going to work or not. Finished projects aren’t due until February, so I have plenty of time to start over and try different stitches if I feel I need to.

And seeing the red and gold worked together reminded me of the Iron Man armor, so maybe I’ll use it for something Avengers related after this.


Oct. 9th, 2012 04:16 pm
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I picked my prompt at [community profile] imadeathing (which I always read in my head as 'I'm a dead thing' for some reason) and now I just have to figure out how to do it. I picked Supernatural - salt for my project, and I have an idea in my head, I just need to figure out how to execute it.

Saturday I need to head out to AC Moore for supplies, and maybe Michaels, and figure out how to get started. I'm sure there will be a lot of frogging involved, but hopefully it will be a relatively smooth process. I'm not sure what I'll do with the finished product, as I don't really see a need for it down here, but I'm not going to worry about that now. Maybe I'll offer it up to someone online.


Sep. 24th, 2012 03:45 pm
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My baby niece just puked on the blanket I'm currently working on. Now it smells, and I can't wash it so I rinsed it really well, sprayed it with Febreeze and laid it over the back deck railing. *fingers crossed*
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I have a friend back home who collects pigs, and has a pig-themed kitchen, so I've been planning on making her a little pig for a while now. Her birthday is next month, so I grabbed the free pig pattern off the Lion Brand Yarn website, pulled some yarn from the stash, and got to work.

On Ravelry or behind the cut )

One of the managers at work was excited when she found out that I crocheted. She said that she loved the look of crochet, and that she still had the crochet booties that relatives in the Dominican Republic had made for her sons. Then she said that her birthday and just passed, and I said that Christmas was coming up, too, lol. She likes natural shades of greens and browns, so I picked a nice combination (I think, anyway) and a nice pattern from Red Heart. She doesn't actually know that I'm making something for her, so it'll hopefully be a nice surprise.

On Ravelry or behind the cut )

Forgot about these!

My niece is getting her teeth, so she's chewing on everything. I made her some soft chewtoys out of cotton yarn.

On Ravelry or behind the cut )

I also covered my earbuds in yarn, following this pattern. Someone at work saw my earbuds yesterday and asked if I could do that for her son's headphones!

On Ravelry or behind the cut )</cu


Sep. 8th, 2012 06:36 pm
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Crocheting a bracelet using crochet thread, beads, and a teeny hook. Had to take off my glasses in order to see the stitches. I'm old. :(


May. 11th, 2010 02:48 pm
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I made these for my friend's birthday last month. Used Red Heart in Aspen Print for the shells and Frosty Green for the bodies. The pattern came from the May/June issue of Crochet Today! magazine.

Mama and Baby Tortoise )

also posted to Ravelry
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Every year my one friend rotates her Christmas decorations between a Snowman Christmas, Santa Christmas, and Penguin Christmas. She has a lot of time on her hands, lol. This year is a Snowman Christmas, so for her birthday in October I made her the snowman off of the Lion Brand website.

Snowman )

For Christmas I decided to make her the penguin and santa off of the Lion website, too, so she has a complete set.

Penquin and Santa )

Now I just have to wait to give them to her. That's the hardest part, lol!

Ami turtle

Jul. 20th, 2009 10:45 am
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I made an Amigurumi turtle for my friend's birthday next month. I used the free pattern on the Lion Brand website, but used Cotton Ease instead of the Vanna's Choice that the pattern suggests, and an E hook instead of a G. He's 6 1/2 inches from nose to tail, and 2 3/4 inches tall.

Sheldon )

I'm so happy with the way it turned out, and so excited that I don't want to wait to give it to her, lol.


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