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Just found out about [community profile] imadeathing, a mulit-fandom crafting fest thing. And signed up. My craftiness extends to crochet, some sewing, and little bit of paper crafting (I've made bookmarks in the past). We'll find out in a month or so if this was a good idea or not. :/
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A few days ago I found a small Yankee Candle jarred candle in the attic. It had accidentally ended up in a box with other things, laying on its side. Well, we had a really hot summer in NC, and that candle was all kinds of melted and rehardened (from the recent cool temps) and deformed. Totally unburnable. Which sucked because it was almost a full candle when we moved.

So I started to think about if/how I could salvage it. Did some googling, and found out how to melt the wax and save the jar at the same time. I had some small, silicone cupcake liners that I wasn't using anymore, and decided to make little tarts for the candle warmer we have.

Pics of the process and result )

I have plans for the jar, too, but that's for another post.
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I finally got around to doing some decorating in the new house. I decided to start with the bathroom, since it's small and doesn't need a) bookcases (my sitting room) or b) an upgraded bed (twin to full in my bedroom). A while ago I bought a colorful shower curtain, curtain rings, and over-door hook all on clearance at work and then packed them away, because I shared a bathroom with my dad. Now I have my own bathroom!

The shower curtain, rings, and hook have been up since we moved in, but I just recently decided to start adding more color to the room.

I remembered seeing, on some HGTV show or maybe in a magazine, about taking pieces of fabric and framing them as art. So I went to the dollar store and got a bunch of cheap frames all in black. Then I hit the fabric store and bought fat quarters in colors that matched my shower curtain. I took the glass panes out of the frames, cut the fabric slightly bigger than the glass, wrapped it around the panes, taped it in place, and put it back into the frames.

Voila! )

I plan on painting one of the walls the same pale pink that's in the shower curtain, and I have some pictures from my trip to Paris that I'm going to hang in here as well.


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