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I just accidentally spilled some shredded cheese on the the kitchen floor. Did I A) get a broom, or B) call the dog in for clean-up duty?

it's totally b


Dec. 4th, 2010 10:05 am
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Real snow. Good, sticky, packing snow. Not a little dusting, but real fucking snow!

I'm thrilled about this because 1) I don't have to go anywhere this weekend, and can enjoy the pretty snow without having to fight traffic in it, and 2) because my parents are in Florida (and my mom just laughed when I told her how much snow we were potentially going to get) I won't be asked to help to clear the driveway because I'm the only one home - see #1, also 3) because my parents are in Florida I've been parking in the garage, so Leeloo is nice and snug and protected so I won't have to clean her off come Monday.

And Dixie loves catching snowballs, but she can't figure out where they disappear to when she catches them. She keeps rooting around in the snow looking for them. It's so cute!
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One (1) destroyed throw pillow
One (1) dead rabbit
One (1) eaten cicada


Dixie's had a busy morning.
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Dixie just had a mouse cornered in the Resurrection Lily bed. The bed is along the chain-link fence between our yard and our neighbor's yard, and we have fencing around three sides of the lilies to keep her from walking through them and destroying them as she has other plants in the yard.

We live in a fenced-in community now.

She had the little mouse cornered in the bed. The poor thing was sitting right against the chain-link fence, facing into the neighbor's yard, with its paws over its face. It was too scared to realize that it could safely escape into the next yard. I got a bucket and a pair of gloves, scooped the thing up, and took it over to the park down the street. Poor thing was stiff as a board when I tipped the bucket and let it out, but it was still breathing.

She almost had a couple of grown rabbits last week, and just the other night my dad said that she literally stalked into the yard and laid in wait behind the Lilac bush for the rabbits that were in the neighbor's yard to come into ours. She very nearly had them, too. They must have been new to the neighborhood. :) Or they just forgot about her over the long winter.
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Dixie, the disgusting shit-eater, has turned Cody into some kind of horrible soft-serve machine. She follows Cody around with her nose literally up Cody's butt, and when Cody squats to do her business Dixie is right there ready to catch - and does.

We've tried seasoning salt on their food, and meat tenderizer, but neither has helped. It might even be making Cody's poop more appetizing. And Dixie only eats Cody's poop, not her own. She'll turn around and sniff her own poop, but won't eat it.

Any suggestions?
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Dixie ate the book I was reading this morning. It wasn't a book I was attached to, and I bought it at a resale shop I didn't pay a lot for it, but still. Now I have to see if the library has any available copies so I can finish it.



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