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Wrote another fill for the kinkmeme, for this prompt:

I've seen a few 'Person A is a security blanket for Person B' prompts.

Now I want something where a character's security blanket is literally a blanket. A soft, snuggly, possibly pastel-colored blanket that nobody else fucks with in fear of having their throat ripped out.

This one also fills the space on my fanfic 100 table for Yellow, so yay! Another space filled!

Woobie - Clint Barton
It's little more than a scrap by now, a roughly three-by-four inch piece of faded yellow fuzz with a small bit of satin binding hanging on for dear life. )

Also here on AO3.
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This is an untitled fic for the Birth prompt on my fanfic 100 table. If you have a suggestion for a title, please, by all means, let me know. I would love to have a title for this little guy.

When Jensen’s niece was born he was still a grunt )

This will be posted to AO3 once I have a title. For some reason I just can't bring myself to post untitled fic there. *shrugs*

Fanfic 100

Apr. 18th, 2012 10:36 am
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So, many many many many years ago (2005) I signed up for Rogue/Pyro at [profile] fanfic100 and got my table. I did write a few fics, but you know how things go, and I ended up shelving the whole thing. Well I recently decided to dust my table off and start writing again, but I decided to do multi-fandom fics this time around. The fics I wrote (and started) in 2005 will stand (and get finished), and I'll add other fandoms to the other prompts.

I started a Terra Nova fic, which I'm kind of stalled on, and finished a Losers fic, which I'll post soon, and I have ideas written down for a few others prompts.

Here's my table of prompts, and links to finished fics. Fics will also be posted to AO3. Hopefully things will work out better this time around.

Big Damn Table )


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