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I'm in Lincoln, NE for the night. It was a looooooooooooooooong drive from Chicago to here. So very, very, long. Leeloo (what I've named the element) did very well on her first cross-country road trip. Though there sure are a lot of bugs between Chicago and here. Ick. Also got a bit of a later start than I wanted, due to sleeping through my alarm, but oh well.

And I got a nice trucker's tan because I didn't put sunblock on. I'll be driving west, I won't need sunblock, said I. But HA! said the Sun, Shows what you know! I'm in a different position than I was a few months ago. You lose! Have a trucker's tan.

And then I was looking forward to watching The Losers on my computer tonight, but dumb me left it sitting on my bed when I changed bags at the last minute. No problem, I thought, I'll just watch it on Netflix. But no! It's not available to watch on Netflix! Damn you Netflix! So fine, I'll watch the latest Supernatural that I missed, on Hulu. But they don't have it! ARRGGHH!

So I guess it's research for a story idea I had while driving.

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On vacation and on the road! Heading to Alliance, Nebraska this time. What's in Alliance Nebraska, you ask. Carhenge! Which is exactly what it sounds like, lol.

There's also a state park in Scottsbluff, NE that's in my National Parks passport book, so I'll be based out of there for a couple of days. Scottsbluff is not too far from Alliance, so it'll be my 'base of operations'.

Also, on the drive home there will be many stops at odd and weird roadside attractions. :)

Also also, the only interstate/highway in Nebraska is I-80. That's it. One. There's like, five or six in Illinois. It's just weird that's only one in Nebraska.

Anyway, need to pack the cooler and get the car loaded up and then I'm on the road! My first road trip in the Element!!


Oct. 29th, 2009 05:23 am
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The other day I went out to my car after work and there was a postcard on my windshield. At first I thought it was just a flyer and was going to throw it away, but then I noticed that none of the other cars around me had them. Turns out it was a survey postcard from the author of this book. He'd seen my plate, liked it, and wanted to know the story behind it for his next book!! He has a website here where you can read the first book and submit your stories. I haven't had a chance to do the survey yet, but I'm totally going to!

In case anyone's curious, my plate is BAKRDS 1. I got it because I love to take road trips, and I especially like getting off the main highways and exploring the little 2-lane roads through small towns and countrysides. Not the best way to drive cross-country, obviously, so I usually reserve it for when time isn't an issue or when I'm in an area for a while. The number is only there because my state charges less for a vanity plate if there's a number in it.
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I had to get a new car, because my little Neon finally went to the big highway in the sky. I drove that car cross-country quite a lot in the nine years I had it, and it served me well.

*moment of silence*

For new cars I was looking at the CR-Vs at first. I wanted to get into a small SUV, especially with all the driving and road tripping I do. So I went on the Honda website, and saw the Element. Oooh boy, was it love it first sight. I love everything about this car, and it's perfect for me. My mom said that it's such a me car.

And lo and behold, I could afford a 2009! Yay!!!!

So here it is, my new baby! :D


I LOVE this car!!!! :DDD

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