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That AO3 hits meme is floating around again, and since it's been just over a year since I did it last let's take a look at what that year's brought.

I have a total of 19 fics posted, thank you Avengers fandom very much.

By hits:
Sunday, Monday, or Always, The Avengers, 1179 hits, posted 7/14/2012
Under the Sea, The Losers, 1093 hits, posted 11/20/2010
Section 6, Paragraph 4, Article J: fraternization, The Avengers, 898 hits, posted 7/13/2012
Inter-agency Relations, The Avengers/James Bond, 817 hits, posted 7/15/2012
Happy Little Trees, The Avengers, 652 hits, posted 7/13/2012
Welcome to the Jungle, The Losers, 618 hits, posted 10/26/2010
Beer Before Liquor, X-Men, 502 hits, posted 4/10/2011
Woobie, The Avengers, 460 hits, posted 8/4/2012
8:16 a.m., X-Men, 276 hits, posted 10/24/2010
And a tie for number 10
Never Give Up, Never Surrender, The Losers, 194 hits, posted 4/22/2012
Proud Member of the Emily Roberts Booster Club, The Losers, 194 hits, posted 5/6/2012

By kudos:
Sunday, Monday, or Always - The Avengers
Section 6, Paragraph 4, Article J: fraternization - The Avengers
Inter-agency Relations - The Avengers
Under the Sea - The Losers
Woobie - The Avengers
Happy Little Trees - The Avengers
Welcome to the Jungle - The Losers
Beer Before Liquor - X-Men
Never Give Up, Never Surrender - The Losers
Occasionally - X-Men

My one little Supernatural story doesn't have any kudos at all. Poor Dean.
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Saw this floating around on peoples journals and thought it would be fun. Especially since, as of this writing, I have 12 fics total posted to AO3.

So, here are my top 10 hit-getters:

Under the Sea, The Losers, hits: 758, posted 11/20/2010
Welcome to the Jungle, The Losers, hits: 418, posted 10/26/2010
Beer Before Liquor, X-Men, hits: 300, posted 4/10/2011
8:16 a.m., X-Men, hits: 210, posted 10/24/2010
His, X-Men, hits: 107, posted 11/20/2010
Don't Even Need to Touch Me, Baby, The Losers, hits: 85, posted 11/4/2010
Occasionally, X-Men, hits: 65, posted 1/9/2011
Bored, X-Men, hits: 62, posted 10/30/2010
Kick the Dust From My Heels, Supernatural, hits: 28, posted 12/5/2010
The View, X-Men (dark legends challenge), hits: 9, posted 4/17/2012

It'll be interesting to come back in a year and see what my top 10 looks like. Hopefully I'll have more than 12 fics posted, lol.

Fic stuffs

Nov. 3rd, 2010 05:47 am
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I recently joined Archive of Our Own, and am slooooowly getting my old X-Men fics posted there, along with some new ones for The Losers. Here's my page if anyone's interested. Only three stories at the moment, but there's more coming.

And I successfully wrote sex!!! \o/ Not for the one fic that was giving me fits, but for something else in the same fandom. And it was well-received! So, yay! Now that I've busted through that wall I can go back to the first fic and get it finished.


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