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I'm in Lincoln, NE for the night. It was a looooooooooooooooong drive from Chicago to here. So very, very, long. Leeloo (what I've named the element) did very well on her first cross-country road trip. Though there sure are a lot of bugs between Chicago and here. Ick. Also got a bit of a later start than I wanted, due to sleeping through my alarm, but oh well.

And I got a nice trucker's tan because I didn't put sunblock on. I'll be driving west, I won't need sunblock, said I. But HA! said the Sun, Shows what you know! I'm in a different position than I was a few months ago. You lose! Have a trucker's tan.

And then I was looking forward to watching The Losers on my computer tonight, but dumb me left it sitting on my bed when I changed bags at the last minute. No problem, I thought, I'll just watch it on Netflix. But no! It's not available to watch on Netflix! Damn you Netflix! So fine, I'll watch the latest Supernatural that I missed, on Hulu. But they don't have it! ARRGGHH!

So I guess it's research for a story idea I had while driving.

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On vacation and on the road! Heading to Alliance, Nebraska this time. What's in Alliance Nebraska, you ask. Carhenge! Which is exactly what it sounds like, lol.

There's also a state park in Scottsbluff, NE that's in my National Parks passport book, so I'll be based out of there for a couple of days. Scottsbluff is not too far from Alliance, so it'll be my 'base of operations'.

Also, on the drive home there will be many stops at odd and weird roadside attractions. :)

Also also, the only interstate/highway in Nebraska is I-80. That's it. One. There's like, five or six in Illinois. It's just weird that's only one in Nebraska.

Anyway, need to pack the cooler and get the car loaded up and then I'm on the road! My first road trip in the Element!!

Home again

Nov. 15th, 2009 08:31 am
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Got home last night, and MAN was it a wonderful thing to sleep in my own bed again. My own bed, my own shower, music that doesn't twang and is from this decade.

The last few hours of driving were rough as far as music in the car went. After a week in the south I'd had more than enough country, but my mom doesn't like the same music as me, so we compromised on oldies/classic rock when we could find it on the dial. Sometimes we'd get modern music, but only until a song came on that was too heavy on the guitars or the 'dance/club' type of beat. Then it would be changed. I was DYING for some Metallica by the end. Or anything other than what we'd been listening to.

But other than all that, it was a great week. Got to see my sister and bil and grandpa. Got caught up on all the family gossip - my one cousin is in jail again for meth-related stuff, another one went out to the west coast for some guy she'd met online only with nothing but the money he'd sent her and he ended up leaving her there alone, brother of the meth-head is doing shit-all ith his life while his bby-mama is God knows where and his parents are raising his kid and his sister's kids. And they (the parents) are such good people, too. They really don't deserve kids like that. They worked several jobs at once to try and provide for their kids, and look how they're paid back. Every time I go down there I am so grateful my parents moved up here to raise us. I shudder to think what my life could be like otherwise.

But Pam and Brock are good, Grandpa's good, and that's all that matters to me.

Now I have two weeks of laundry and teevee to catch up on.
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Stopped for the night in Huntington, WV. So tired. So much driving with so little sleep. More driving tomorrow. Hopefully with more sleep.


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