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OMG that was an awesome, AWESOME, finale last night!!!! Lots of action and zombies and blood and gore, and spoilers! ) There was not one thing about this episode that I did not like. I was legit clutching a pillow through the whole thing! There was just so much tension and will that person make it? Run run run! Oh no, not that person! spoilers! )

I also did the AMC story sync thing for the first time, where you go to their website at the beginning of the show and there are polls and instant replays and flashback snapshots playing throughout the episode. It was very cool, and I wish I'd done it all season. Definitely making it part of next season's viewing experience.

I really need to start getting the books again, too. I got the first 6 books, buying them when I had a coupon from Border's, but then Border's went under and I was only able to get books 12 and 13 during all the closing sales. I tried Barnes and Noble, but they just do not have a good graphic novel section. Plus, no coupons. So I think I'll start getting them from Amazon. Maybe I'll check Paperback Swap first.
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Last night I had a series of strange dreams, all involving zombies. I don't know where the zombie theme came from, as I haven't even watched The Walking Dead yet (need to do that today), but there it was, in all it's zombie glory.

Actually, there was little zombie glory. The zombies were kind of secondary, really.

The first part of the dream was a Supernatural/zombie dream, where I was hanging with the Winchester brothers while we were trying to get to their house in Kansas, because the house was on a ridge. Never mind that there are no ridges in Kansas. Also, I used to have a thing with Dean, but now he was with some new girl and I was all mopey about it. There were a bunch of people in the house, along with some little kids, and in the midst of this zombie invasion we were all going to church and singing karaoke. I don't know. And Betty White was living in a trailer park with a bunch of other senior citizens, and somehow surviving the zombies. She's a tough old broad, that Betty White. Then I left the house, but not before telling Sam that I knew he wasn't human, but hoped that he'd use his evil powers to save everyone anyway.

Then it morphed into a Push/zombie dream (because I watched Push right before bed), but I don't really remember too much about that one, so it must not have lasted very long.

Then it was a Push/The Losers/zombie dream (Chris Evans is in both movies), where I was a Mover on an underground (not evil) government organization trying to save the Losers from the zombie hordes and recruit them to our agency. At one point I used my powers to knock the heads off of about 50 zombies at one time.

I don't even fucking know, guys.


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